PTE Preparation

PTE Preparation

We offer a variety of PTE preparation resources such as practice tests, tutorials, and sample questions. We also provide an online training program to help students prepare for the PTE exam. This course includes topics such as grammar, vocabulary, and reading, writing, and listening sections.

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    PTE stands for “Pass in Speak” and it is an exam administered by the British Council that tests your proficiency in English. This exam is useful if you are planning to study abroad or if you want to get a job in an international company.

    The test consists of two sections: Listening and Reading Comprehension. You can choose to take either section individually or both together.

    Listening Comprehension will consist of multiple short conversations between native speakers. You will need to read each conversation as well as answer questions about what was said during the conversation.

    Reading Comprehension will also require answering questions based on passages from different sources such as newspapers, magazines, web pages etc., but unlike listening comprehension where you will be listening only for information without any material in front of you, here there will be some pictures or diagrams (representing information) which will help with answering questions.

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