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About Egypt

CllimateFrom 9.5°C  to 32°C.
CurrencyEgyptian Pound
Official LanguageArabic 
Religion90% Islamic & 5 % Christian
Currency exchange Rate4.76 INR = 1 Egyptian Pound

Egypt is a traditional country, situated in northeastern corner of Africa. Egypt is linked to the borders of Sudan, Libya, and Israel. Egypt is known to be the third-highest population country in the Africa region. Cairo is the biggest city in Africa and also in the Middle East.  Egypt is also famous for the Nile River, the world’s largest river. Life of Over 90 million people depends on the water of this river. Egypt is renowned for its beautiful structures. Its Pyramids of Giza are awarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The 365 days calendar was also introduced to the world by Egypt. It has the world’s most beautiful tourist attractions. 90% of the people here follow the Islam religion. However, Christian religious people also live there.This country has become a significant attraction for medical students. Study MBBS from Egypt is known to be a high-quality education. Many students from a foreign country apply for the MBBS degree.

We all know, Egypt hits in the category of transcontinental company equipped with a lot of cultures. When it comes to looking at the location, then no one can figure it out in detail easily. Officially it is known as the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Usually students towards study inEgypt and at that particular moment they search for the country more. If you also hit in the same category of people there, you are on the right page. Here we will be going to discuss the country a bit more so that you can easily conclude whether you are ready to adjust here or not.


Things to know in advance:


When you are coming for MBBS in Egypt, there is no need to worry about safety. It is nearly a crime-free country and there is no need for an individual to worry about anything. Moreover, the security available here is to advance that they cannot spare a single person who is creating nuisance to anyone. The incidents of crime reported in Egypt are almost 1 to 2% in last 4 years.

Reputation of University:

Whichever the university you will be going to choose forMBBS, is recognised by MCI. Medical Council of India allows all these Egypt Universities to become the path for MBBS because of the education standards settler by them. Hence if you are looking forward to getting available with a University, which allows you to meet all the educational standards then keep an eye on Universities available in Egypt.


The official language, followed by the people of Egypt, is Arabic. But if you are not aware about the Arabic language, then English is the other option available. When you are coming for MBBS in Egypt, you will be going to get the course available in English, so you can easily complete it.


The main factor people choose MBBS course from Egypt because of the education facilities available. It is quite interesting to see that the university is available and is equipped with all the latest facilities for the students. They will not only going to learn about skills in theory, but practical will also get available for them. There is no need for an individual to compromise with anything because the education system is designed efficiently.


Climate may disturb you a bit, but it will not create any nuisance for you for a longer duration. It varies from cold to extremely hot. How to do the winter season is from December to March and the rest of the Year the climate is moderate. There are many sites available that are preserved and known to be the best to visit during other months.
If you are looking forward to being part of study in Egypt, let us know about it in the comments section below. At admission route, we will help you get all the information about Egypt and the best universities offering for study MBBS. After it, you will not need to worry about anything because you have the best university available to complete your MBBS.

Also, after your completion of MBBS in Egypt, certain more options will get available, which allows you to build up a stable career.

MBBS in Egypt: At a Glance

  • Coming back to the fact that MBBS is not among those degrees can acquire in a night. Everyone wants that they have the best medical college available for the same. Egypt is known for its education standards. When a student is coming for MBBS Course, he will have enormous opportunities available.
  • It is quite interesting to note is that during MBBS in Egypt, they will be going to learn about things a lot. Not only the expenses here are affordable, but also an individual can learn about things in detail. The professors available are so advance that they do not compromise with anything. If a student is having any doubt and is asking about it so many times, the professors are very to clear the same.
  • Also, there is a friendly environment created in College and Hostel campus that a student will not miss his parents at all. You will get engaged in studies so much that things will not bother you again and again. Additionally, it is quite interesting to notice that when you are coming for study in Egypt, they will open up some other facilities, including medical insurance.
  • For all the students, the facilities will get available, and if any problem arises, the university will take care of it. Medical facilities are so advance that a student can easily understand what they are up to. Regular checkup goes on for the proper health of the students.
  • Additionally, if you are new to Egypt and have no idea about it, the college people are ready to cooperate with you. You can simply ask anyone, and they will clear all the things in detail to you. You will not feel like you have no friends available to explore this place more. Whichever university you are choosing for study in Egypt, all of them have the best education standards. They always have the thought that a student will have a degree and can simply engage in activities more and more.
  • Also, there is an additional benefit for you available while pursuing MBBS in Egypt because you can become part of extra-curricular activities. Extra-curricular activities can include indoor games and outdoor games, sports, and so on. In the sport, you have an interest, you can become a part of it. The teachers are available to train you and to make you feel comfortable. There will be no need for you to feel like things are not working in your favor.

Procedure and documentation of MBBS admission in Egypt:

It is very easy to get MBBS admission in Egypt Thisadmission is directly based on the marks obtained in the secondary examination. The students need to apply by the end of July.  The classes will start from the first or second week of September. The only time taking process is of visa. To get MBBS admission in Egyphere, we have the following documents required:

  • Passport with validity of at least two years
  •  Medical insurance of the students
  •  HIV test reports from a reputed hospital
  • Passport size photographs
  • Invitation letter from the university

Eligibility for Mbbs Admission:

For the MBBS admissionhere we have eligibility criterion as follows

  • The student should get a minimum of 65 %in physics, chemistry, and biology in their 12th standard
  • The students must complete the age of 17 years by the 31st December of the admission year
  • The students should have a NEET scorecard with qualifying marks.
     The students must apply online for the MBBS admission in Egypt with admission dates.

Fee Structure of MBBS In Egypt 2023:

Name Of University  Total Fee for 5 Year         (tuition fee + Hostel Fee + Mess Fee)
Cairo University34,12,500 INR
Mansoura University34,12,500 INR
Ain Shams University34,12,500 INR
Alexandria University34,12,500 INR

Fee Calculated By 1 USD = 75 INR

What makes MBBS in Egypt the best choice for students?

As we have already discussed, it is evident that MBBS in Egypt is the good option for students because this is one of the most affordable countries around. If you feel like that your parents will not be able to afford the fees, you can simply apply for an education loan. There is no need for an individual to create any burden on their family because the government comes up with certain scholarship programs.

The students who consider themselves to be the brilliant ones can apply for the scholarship and grab them. Up to 80% or 90% scholarship is available to the students also worked as a student wants when they have a scholarship option available in return for their talent.

Therefore for exploring your talent, you have enormous opportunities available when you are taking MBBS admission in Egypt. Just make yourself aware of everything and then move ahead. We at Admission Route are focusing on things, and these will become clearer to you, and there will be no problem in any case. We also provide you proper assistance for MBBS admission in Egypt so that there will be no problem. We have also discussed the expenses and other factors that make your stay in Egypt a hassle-free one.

Top Medical Universities In Egypt: Ranking

Name of the University  Country RankWorld Rank
Cairo University1668
Mansoura University31228
Ain Shams University21430
Alexandria University41016

Why MBBS in Egypt Popular for Indian Students

In India, many students dream of pursuing MBBS in a reputed university, but only a few students fulfil their dream. In a country like India, universities demand high fees for the MBBS degree. Moreover, Students need to go through several entrance exams to get their seat confirmed in the university. Many students from India apply for Medical Universities from Egypt. We recommend MBBS course as this country is doing best in the field of medicines. MBBS doctors from Egypt are working worldwide. This country has well-recognized universities. The universities here are approved by the WHO, UNESCO and Medical Councils of many countries such as India, America, the UK, etc. The universities in Egypt also offer scholarships to deserving students. The students choose MBBS in Egypt because they will experience traditional cultures of Egypt, along with their studies. The education in the universities is provided in the English medium. This country has public as well as private universities.

Benefits of MBBS In Egypt for Indian Students

MBBS course from Egypt cost around 30 – 32 lacs. This cost is very less as compared to India and other major countries. Hostel charges, library charges, university tuition fees, and all other expenses are included in this amount. After completing MBBS Degree, the students can get direct admission in PG degree programs in Germany. MBBS in Egypt is of 5years. The first five years are focused on classroom learning and practice. While in the final year, the students are trained at the reputed hospitals. They are getting to practice in real-life cases. The universities in Egypt are ranked at 239 at the world level. The universities here are also providing education in other languages such as Arabic, French, and German. Moreover, the students are paid monthly during their internship in hospitals. The Indian student can complete their internship in India also.

Student  Hostel Life in Egypt:

  • The students who have taken MBBS admission in Egyptare either living in the university hostel or the apartment.
  • We prefer Clean & hygenic hostel  for every student.
  • Here you can use every available facility provided by university to make your living happy.
  • In the hostel, we have a 24-hour available internet facility.
  • Indian mess for the Indian students is possible.
  • Every university has Separate hostels for girls and boys.
  • The hostels are equipped with CCTV cameras.
  • We find Egypt safe and secure for the international students. If you have any query you can directly contact them.

Medical education system in Egypt:

The medical education system hits the top in Egypt. All those students coming for MBBS in Egypt will be going to get an environment that they have not expected. If you are looking forward to completing your MBBS degree from Egypt and are not sure about the medical education system, then here we will be going to discuss it. After digging this article till the last, you have an answer available that the medical education system in Egypt is up to the mark, and there is no need for an individual to feel disappointed in any case.

Education system:

  • Duration:

The primary concern about MBBS course duration. Now the MBBS is six years old, and for 5 years, the academic session is going on, and for one year, they need to go for an internship. After the internship is completed, a student will get their MBBS degree. In case there is any supplementary in any of the subjects then an individual needs to clear it in advance, and after that, they will be able to get the degree.

  • Subjects:

When you are coming forMBBS in Egypt, there is no need for you to deal with unnecessary subjects. The subjects decided by the professor for MBBS are according to the education syllabus pass by the education ministry of Egypt, and also they do not compromise with anything. Everything will be going to include in it, whether of theory or practical.

  • Theory and practical classes:

The theory and practical classes are simultaneously running. There is no need for an individual to feel like the professors are focusing on theory only, and they are not letting you understand about practical. Moreover, the professors are so cooperative that they allow students to ask queries as many times they want. If they want the professor to allow them to perform the practical again, the option is also available.

  • Examination system:

Exams conducted in the university premises only and student needs to clear them all. Until and unless the exams are not clear, they will not be able to appear for the next classes. Moreover, it is quite interesting to see that the professor focuses on things so attentively that clearing the MBBS early exams will become an easy task to do. For all those students who feel themselves to be weak in any of the subjects, they can go for extra classes as well. Extra-class is also organized before conduction of exams so that students can learn about things more attentively.

  • Internship:

The internship is also a factor to consider. A student will get available with clinical and theory both the aspects, and they will be going to get masters in both the fields. There is no need for them to feel like anything is lacking. When you are going for an internship, if the mentors feel like you can be there for long, they will ask you to join them after completing your MBBS in Egyptian medical universities. This is your call whether you want to join them or not.

This is all about the education system in Egypt. Whenever you are coming for MBBS in Egypt, you need to prepare yourself mentally because mental presence is important for an individual to complete MBBS effectively. If you want to get admission there, then at the Admission Route, we are here to help you. You just need to come to us and let us know about your requirement. As soon as you will help us know about your requirements, we will help you in getting the admission there is any. We become transparent with you, considering every aspect of admission before you head towards MBBS Admission in Egypt.

Personal expenses during MBBS in Egypt

Personal expenses create a lot of difference for people when they are going for MBBS in Egypt. Without having thought about it, students move ahead and go for MBBS admission in Egypt. Therefore if you do not want yourself to be equipped with such as this read is for you only. Here we will be going to discuss the personal expenses in Egypt during MBBS so that no problem will arise to you in any case.

Personal expenses to know:-

  • Currency: 

The currency used in Egypt is the Egyptian pound, and its symbol is E£. 1 Egyptian pound is equal to 4.68 Indian rupees. Therefore an individual needs to understand that it is somewhat equal to 5 rupees in India. According to it, a person can conclude how much they need per month.

  • Vegetable rate:

The vegetable rate in Egypt depends on the location where a person is living. In some areas, the vegetable rates are quite high, like E£10 or 15 for 500 grams of potato and other beans. Therefore an individual needs to check out the same from the retailers available around. If you are visiting the highest standard shopping malls, then you need to pay a very high amount for vegetables.

  • Cost of Water bottle:

The price an individual needs to pay for a water bottle is 2.5 Egyptian pound. One can easily conclude that it is quite cheaper for them to have. Hence, on an average and individual will be going to have a water bottle in almost 10 to 12 rupees as compared to India.

  • Restaurant snack:

When you are visiting the restaurants, you need to understand that the minimum amount you need to pay for a meal is almost 50 Egyptian pounds. Rest, it depends on the restaurant where you are visiting. In 50 Egyptian pounds, a person will be going to have a full-time meal having everything available in it.

  • Soft drink:

For soft drink like coke and individual needs to pay 3.3 Egyptian pounds. Yes, you read it right. When you are pursuing study in Egypt, and you want to have some soft drink, then there is no need for you to worry about. It is quite cheaper there as compared to India.

  • Transportation fare in Egypt:

Transportation is also quite cheap here when you are going for public transport then the amount you need to pay is according to the kilometres you are travelling. Per kilometre, the amount you need to pay is almost 2 Egyptian pounds. According to India, you need to pay 8 to 10 rupees for 1 km.

  • Phone charges in Egypt:

Phone chargers also have a different scenario here. It might create some trouble for you how you will be going to adjust, but it is quite evident. For a month and individual needs to pay on an average 100 Egyptian pounds. In this amount will be going to access internet connection as well.

  • Medical facilities:

Medical facilities are also available at a reasonable price. For students, there is an advantage that they can move to a public hospital and get the treatment. If you are going to a private hospital, then you need to pay almost 50 to 80 Egyptian pounds.
These are the basic expenses which an individual needs to understand when they are going for MBBS in Egypt. When you are heading for MBBS admission in Egypt, make sure you are carrying a little more amount. Emergency never knocks the door with the invitation. Therefore you need to prepare for it.
If you wish to know something more than admission root we are here to help you. We will provide you with all the details for MBBS admission in Egypt

How is Admission Route helping students for MBBS admission in Egypt?

At “Admission route,” we are keeping things into consideration. During MBBS in Egypt, a student will face so many difficulties and prepare you in advance for all of them. It is quite interesting to note is that we have expertise available and solutions for all the problems. We will train you about everything so that there will be no problem in any case.

Also, you need to understand that when you are coming to us, things will be transparent. Not only the admission procedure, but the charges you need to pay will have a proper receipt available. No hidden charges we have, and keep an eye on charges you are paying to others from our end. Also, proper guidance will get available to the student to make themselves comfortable during MBBS in Egypt easily.

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